Learn what our customers think about our service and safety

Aecon has worked with Deep Foundations Contractors Inc. in the past, and continues to do so today. We have been, and continue to be, impressed by their safety culture and record. Deep Foundations are reputable and safety focused. Their reported statistics are good. They focus on constructing deep foundations, using unique drilling equipment, and their safety risk can be reasonably managed.

Aecon is proud of its outstanding safety record as well, so is pleased to work with companies such as Deep Foundations who share our safety culture.

John M. Beck

Executive Chairman
Aecon Group Inc.

I want to take this opportunity to express to you our appreciation for the
relationship between our two firms and the industry leading expertise that you bring to our projects.

Deep Foundations is unique in the industry as an innovator and a problem solver ,and we believe that that is the unique contribution that you bring to each challenge.

The result for EllisDon has been schedule savings, unique added value in terms of new solutions, increased profitability and satisfied clients.

We are looking forward to many more years of cooperative and mutually beneficial efforts, as our industry grows and changes, and the opportunities become more complex (and therefore rewarding).

All the best to you and the very capable people at your firm.


President and CEO
EllisDon Corporation

Deep Foundations has been a good partner over the last 20 years, and the GO TO contractor for our challenging earth shoring and caisson foundation work packages.

Gian Fortuna

VP Contracts
Kenaidan Contracting

Deep is a leader and innovator in the industry. Doing business with Deep Foundations creates value for Holcim Canada.

Paul Ostrander

President and CEO
Holcim Canada (Dufferin Construction)

On behalf of the project team, I would like to extend out thanks to Deep Foundations for the teamwork attitude in completing the foundations with us for this project. Despite, the very tight confines for our respective equipment and operations, we successfully executed this project ahead of schedule and without and on budget to our clients. This in light of the logistical issues and site conditions encountered.

As a result, we have happy clients that will be looking to continue our working relationship with us, and likewise continuing as a team with Deep Foundations.

We also look forward to working together on any projects together inthe future!

Chris Campbell, P. Eng.

General Manager
Killarney Constructors Inc.

It was a pleasure working within the Deep Foundations crew. They installed just over 140 CFA and Cast in place piles in a live plant without incident. It is clear they put safety at the top of their list and I look forward to working with Deep Foundations in the future.

Rick Braun

General Superintendent
JV Driver Projects
Williams Energy C2 Conversion
Fort McMurray