Avenue Station, Going Deep 

  • Negotiated a Cost-Plus/Target Price Contract.

  • Deepest secant cutoff wall built in Canada.

  • Drilling completed ahead of schedule.

The Avenue Station is the deepest station on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. The subgrade elevation will be 35 meters below the street grade, the soldier piles are 40 meters long and all this has to be installed from a site roughly 35m x 18m.

Every step of the work had to be planned. Computerized models of the drill rig, crawler crane, and soldier beam were developed to prove it could be done.

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Computerized models of the drill rig, crawler crane and soldier beam

Computer Rendering Machines on Site

Owner: Metrolinx
Client: Crosslinx (Aecon, Dragados, Ellisdon, SNC)
Foundations: $12 million